Caring for the special needs of women is a key focus of everyone here at E-medical . We offer a full-range of quality physiotherapy bondi junction and Pilates bondi junction classes for women of all ages and phases of life — from pregnancy to menopause — with an emphasis on preventative and rehabilitation health education.

Pregnancy Services

Expectant parents will find comprehensive care at eMC. Members of  staff provide quality health care to expectant mothers and their unborn children throughout the pregnancy – whether through prenatal pilates or physiotherapy or after childbirth. To find out when the next Baby Smarts Program will begin, visit our Health Programs & Events section, or to learn more about our services please contact via our contact form..

Baby Smarts Program

Expectant parents can enroll in our recommended Baby Smarts Program which is a personalised program that offers prenatal physiotherapy and pre and postnatal pilates classes.

  • Free Childbirth Classes
  • Free 1st visit with a program participating obstetrician
  • Free 1st month’s supply of prenatal vitamins
  • Free tote bag stuffed with educational material, coupons and more
  • Free gift at delivery
  • One on one breast feeding education
  • Labor and Delivery Tours
  • Ultrasound


eMC offers private labor and delivery rooms that are equipped to handle all facets of the birthing process. After delivery, you and your baby will be moved to a postpartum room to recover and spend quality time to nurture and bond with your baby. Put your mind at ease, knowing that many of our obstetrical nurses are veterans with 15 or more years of experience who will care for your baby in our state-of-the-art Level I Nursery.

Breast Imaging

Our breast imaging center is certified by the American College of Radiology and has received the highest rating possible by state health officials. Recently, we installed a new LORAD M4 Platinum Mammography Unit for the best possible images. Our center offers both screening and diagnostic mammography along with needle localization prior to surgery. A screening mammogram is performed annually and a diagnostic mammogram is preformed when there is a questionable problem or concern. Some reasons for doing a diagnostic study include Fibrocystic Breast Disease, a mass or lump, swelling or discharge. We also offer educational videos, and pamphlets along with life-like models for breast self-exam. If you have any questions or comments please call the Breast Imaging Center for Women at (281) 592-4545.