eMedicalCart been your hospital since 1998, serving the Upper North Sydney areas. Local families have entrusted us with their care as well as the care of their spouses, children and grandchildren. Why has this relationship lasted so long? Why do folks keep choosing eMedicalCart? We like to think it’s because your hospital has never wavered in its commitment to providing quality healthcare that’s close to home.

During the past five years, alone, more than five million dollars has been invested in our hospital to meet your medical needs. This year, another six million will be spent to expand the Laboratory, Surgical Suites, the Intensive Care Unit, and the Emergency Room. The current facility is licensed for 107 beds, and fully accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and is licensed by the local Department of Health.

Recently, the local Department of Health certified us as a Designated Level IV Trauma Center. That means your Emergency Department is staffed and equipped to handle everything from minor illnesses to critically acute medical or trauma conditions. With the addition of our ‘Fast-Track System’ we’ve also reduced your waiting time in the ER.

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